Thursday, 30 October 2014

PRE-HALLOWEEN - A last minute all round impromptu party guide

People, it's almost Halloween!
In a very few hours, actually.
So I'm sorry to say that, if you didn't start planning or decorating yet, well, you're quite late.
However, if you really wanted to celebrate and get all spooked-up, but really didn't have the time  to plan disgusting dinners and splash blood in every corner (hallo, here I am) stay cheerful (well, moderatly, it's still Halloween), cause sometimes last minutes work.

Here are the essentials:
  • costume
  • decorations
  • food
  • movie

Then I think we can say, in all fairness, that a good Halloween party has been thrown together.

That's not really a costume, but might be quite impressive anyway while serving dinner.


The link is taking you directly to a web-site where you can purchase this runner but, let's be honest, it will never arrive on time. So, just splash your feet in some blood and make it yourself!

It's just unbelievable what people can do with food (intended in the best and the worst sense).
Here are three of my favourites, but the link will take you to 17 more.



          HERE's a list of 10 classics, but, honestly, it's just never-ending.


Spooky king

All the titles are directing to the link where I've found the pictures.
Have a look!

Monday, 1 September 2014


Get ready to meet your new best friend.

Today at work a miracle has happened.
I was having a crazy sugar crave. Well, maybe when you're on the border of having a panik attak it's more of a need, but still. Important thing is that I was desperate, begging only for some sugar while drawning in a sea of invoices and boring office stuff.
 And then, the miracle.
A random, desperate day, just turned into the day in which my lovely boss brings cookies.

-Just to be clear and avoid silly misunderstandings about me getting less bitter: it's no dream office. The one with scandinavian design forniture, where  flowers don't die, people are happy and your boss brings cookies... No.
Apparently no one was ever concerned with design, or windows for that matter, my plant died in one day straight and people smile only if someone has made a joke about sex.

I work in a nightmare office and my boss has brought cookies. Period.

So, back to the point, these cookies where these cookies, and they will be your new best friend.
And they will because:
they're loaded with sugar and coconut, PLUS, you need only 3 ingredients to make them PLUS they're ready in maximum top 30 minutes. -And, if 20 of those 30 minutes (negotiable) are baking time, that's to me sounds like a very good deal.-

So, for two greedy people you'll need:

  • - 3 egg whites
  • -110g (half a glass) sugar
  • - 125gr dry grated coconut

  1. divide the the yolk from the egg white (you might use the yolks the morning after to make, e.g., french toasts for breakfast).
  2. put your egg whites on a very low fire, add all the sugar and stir until all the sugar has melted. Be very careful not to cook the egg white.
  3. once the sugar has melted, start adding the coconut, constantly mixing. (As for anything, you have measures but, just keep on adding until the consistency feels right: firm but not too hard.)
  4. with the help of a spoon form little balls with your coconut dought, and bake them until golden at 180°. (Estimated baking time: 15 mins).

Well, also real friends are cool.
So they say.

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Spring is blooming with all her colourfulness.
I'm grateful for flowers, because they're beautiful and they smell nice.
I'm grateful for my herbs that, with the first warmth, grew of 10 centimetres in two weeks.
I'm grateful that our cat is not allergic to flees because, if he was, he would get bold in random, inconvenient places.
I'm grateful for Spring because it brings Ester, and holidays, and I got to see amazing places in the north of France and because I'm going home to my family.
I'm grateful about Easter also because today I've got chocolate Easter eggs.

I'm also grateful for fruit and vegetables that, at the new beginning of every season, seem always a bit more special.

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